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Coronavirus disease and the DidSci2020 conference


Dear Colleagues,


due to coronavirus disease, we were forced to change the form of the conference and move it into virtual space. We decided to organise the distant conference within the dates previously set for the stationary event  (June 17-19, 2020). We are planning to use the Microsoft Teams application for oral presentations and discussion. It requires the participants are equipped with the hardware which allows at least voice connection (for example notebook with built-in microphone; video connections are also welcome) to be able to actively participate in the event.

We plan about 20 minutes for each contribution – 12 minutes for shared presentation with voice comments + possibly a view from the presenter's camera and 8 minutes for discussion.

We know that this form of conference is not perfect but taking into account the dynamically changing situation it seems that it is better to meet in such limited opportunities than not to meet at all. We believe that at the next conference we will make up for this lack of personal contacts.

Since the costs of virtual event are much lower than stationary one, we have reduced the conference fee to 50 euros, which will be mainly allocated to cover publishing costs.